Friday, December 28, 2012

Dead End

My little heart is pumping blood through my veins.
I can tell by the red tips of my fingers.
Suddenly numbness spreads through my body.
My hands are turning white.
I can feel nothing now.
Water drops from my eyes.
And there is a void deep in my stomach.
What does this mean?
Why is it happening?
Looking in the mirror, I see nothing.
My image has been obscured by a black veil.
Slowly through it, emerges a figure.
She is surrounded by many faceless bodies.
Her eyes are crinkled and face etched with laugh lines.
I blink and the image disappears.
Now there the girl stands again, quite alone.
No hint of a smile lurking around the corners of her lips.
The girl turns and starts walking away.
But thereupon she stops.
She has come to a dead end.

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